Wednesday, May 11, 2016


When I first viewed art exhibit Intrude by artist Amanda Parer I thought 'aw how cute, bunnies!'  

Who doesn't love bunnies, right? Then I read about the artist, Amanda was born in Sydney, Australia. I've never had the pleasure of visiting Australia but hear its a wonderful country with unique species and landscape.  

Amanda's work is not to show how cute bunnies are but depict them large scale over running our space. Rabbits are not native to Australia but have thrived there and these fluffy cute critters are actually endangering some species native to Australia, habitat and food competition. 

The art exhibit makes you feel small in comparison and the nylon sculptures are so large you have to maneuver around them. Just a glimpse of what's occurring in our world when we release or place an animal or plant where nature did not intend. 

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