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Friday, June 25, 2010

Earrings; come get your earrings here!

I've begun on a small project of making costume jewelry, it's been a hobby for awhile mostly making small things for myself. One day while I was home from work I decided to just sit down and make some earrings. There was no reason for it really but I figured it was better then sitting around watching day time T.V.
By the time I ran out of earring hooks I had made about 13 pairs of earrings, ahh lucky 13. I was happy in feeling like I accomplished something even though I didn't have any thought of wearing them.

That was about four months ago and there they sat on a counter in my apartment waiting to be worn. A good friend of mine came over recently and actually loved one of the earrings. Honestly I would have given it to her because she's my best friend but she offered to pay so I decided to do what I always do and took the money and ran. When I got back (haha) she had tried on the earrings and gave me a very special gift of being my very first customer. I'm not sure why I felt so good about it but for once or a moment at least it felt good to be an actual paid craftsman or woman in my case. I think I've glimpsed now why people who do what they love are so happy, for all those out there who do please continue. Coincidentally my first customer is now my earring model :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bugs on the Windshield

It’s no use letting anyone make you so angry you stress yourself.
A better philosophy instead of turning to frustration I offer you this analogy; think of your daily interactions on your path of life as a drive on a lovely mountain road driving with the wind of voices whispering past you. On your journey you may come across people rude or irate toward you in some way or even irritating you with their very manner.

In your imagination stay on your scenic mountain drive, and this person turn them into a bug flying past or into your windshield. You won’t notice them while driving as they are a tiny speck on a broad protective shield and you need to focus on the road ahead. That’s the simple trick to it, always remind yourself there is a broader scope of your life pushing you forward and don't bother about the little bugs along the way.