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Saturday, February 11, 2012

we all fall down

In this age of information it is my firm belief co-workers should learn how to treat one another with respect and patience, surely it is something easily found on Google. There are far too many regulations pushed upon the corporate world to enforce a way of ensuring employees' are not being cheated or mistreated in their place of work. However this is all smoke and mirrors for the most part. Instead what you get are people trying to catch up with existing and new regulations, with far too little humanity added into the mix of never ending e-mails and direction by micro managers trying to justify the 'need' for their positions.

Still we press on, the mass of people just trying to etch out a living, while being pressured and pushed by an ever growing upper management as corporations consistently 'streamline' their staffing by looking at the bottom line instead of ingenuity or knowledge.

Truly America is in danger of bowing to overseas business practices, what would a foreign business owner care about American jobs if our own American investors put their money overseas and our American businesses make mass layoffs. There is no clear answer, you cannot instill ethics in anyone who only sees the bottom line.