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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hit hard in Coney Island too

I used the title for this post since I grew up in Coney Island and my parents still live there but while the hurricane hit there was barely mention of it on TV. I'm sure it's like that in a lot of neighborhoods, after the storm there's so much clean up that places can't help but be overlooked. Coney Island was still flooded in parts the day after the storm, power is still out now. It's limited resources and sadly crime rates are rising fast now, looters already hit a few local stores. Police presence has now arrived and sanitation has drove through helping with the clean up. Hoping for the best for everyone in all neighborhoods, lets try to help eachother out.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hasn't even made landfall here in Brooklyn yet but she's fast approaching. I was eager to see the effects of the outskirts of the storm before it hit. The picture is from the belt parkway this morning at 8:30am, the storm is set to hit at 8pm tonight. Hoping for the best, thankfully my parents evacuated as they live in zone A. Best to all out there and stay indoors.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spa's Are Supposed to be Relaxing

Last time I checked spa's are meant to be an oasis of relaxation where people go to get rid of stress, at least that's what I thouhgt. It all started when my Mom retired and I bought a gift certificate to a spa as her present. Great idea right? I thought so too, until I tried to book the appointment. I tried to book an appointment for myself and my Mom when the sales lady said I needed to pay upfront, when I repeated 'pay up front' in order to confirm I heard her right she caught an attitude and said, 'Yeah...' then called me honey, not in the sweet kind way but in the condescending one as if it's something everyone on Earth should know. I decided to talk to my Mom about services she wanted and she would then go in person to book the appointment. We opted for spa week when we saw an offer online, and thought what a nice turn that her gift card purchased from that spa would go further. Not so simple, they allowed her to book the appointment with her gift card and reminded of the 48 hour cancellation policy. Here's where it gets ridiculous; the day before the appointment they called my poor Mom and told her that she can't use her gift card toward a spa week treatment, on top of them never telling us this before they then won't allow us to make any changes to the appointment as it was past the 48 hour mark. I was livid when my Mother called to tell me this, I contacted the spa but it did no good. They should not call themselves 'Green Spa & Wellness Center' because they do not care about your well-being at all. Hopefully the Better Business Bureau will have more luck contacting this business than I did. Now I'm on a hunt for a new spa, one that's actually relaxing.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Constitution should it apply overseas?

"Due process and judicial process are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security. The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process," Eric Holder our attorney general made this point. The point by Eric Holder was made in defense of a drone strike where an American citizen was killed. Where it's true in other countries we should not impose or enforce ideals held in our Constitution to other governments, then why should we reach to protect civil rights of Americans living abroad no matter what the circumstances? I'm not sure I agree with that; I don't like the idea of turning into a nation comfortable with assasinating it's own citizens but if you are a citizen that chooses hatred of your country and wish to do it harm, that is treasonous.

I can't deny that I'd rather have the bulk of the 'war on terror' be fought abroad but like most everyone I'd prefer no war at all. If the factions abroad and within the U.S. continue on this path I'm certain no peace will be found for any group. There are no demands of terrorists, if there are they haven't made them clear enough for me to understand apart from death to the west/America. Lets face it, that's not going to happen. The dilemna for our lawmakers today is how do we continue to uphold the ideals of our forefathers when fighting a mindset that destroys its own peoples rich culture and warps its beliefs. Where would we be without the methods, rigorous duty of our military and local law enforcement? I shudder to think of it, that said it is a citizens duty to help our politicians with constructive ideas. If we disagree, write letters, make our voices heard but add some alternative views as well, lately we've become a nation of complainers. There are no ideas provided just criticism of any other alternate viewpoint. Criticize if you dissapprove but offer something valid as an alternative.

We all need to work together to ensure the future of our nation does not lose the foundation it was built upon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

we all fall down

In this age of information it is my firm belief co-workers should learn how to treat one another with respect and patience, surely it is something easily found on Google. There are far too many regulations pushed upon the corporate world to enforce a way of ensuring employees' are not being cheated or mistreated in their place of work. However this is all smoke and mirrors for the most part. Instead what you get are people trying to catch up with existing and new regulations, with far too little humanity added into the mix of never ending e-mails and direction by micro managers trying to justify the 'need' for their positions.

Still we press on, the mass of people just trying to etch out a living, while being pressured and pushed by an ever growing upper management as corporations consistently 'streamline' their staffing by looking at the bottom line instead of ingenuity or knowledge.

Truly America is in danger of bowing to overseas business practices, what would a foreign business owner care about American jobs if our own American investors put their money overseas and our American businesses make mass layoffs. There is no clear answer, you cannot instill ethics in anyone who only sees the bottom line.