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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lost Spoon but Gained New Eggling

Last night I went out to Williamsburg, for those unfamiliar, it's a neighborhood with a long bumpy history here in Brooklyn that's seen a steady stream of immigrants for everywhere. More recently over the past 10 years in the making has been an influx of young people some label as 'hipsters'. At any rate, it's a decent place to spend an evening with friends, ample bars to pick from, decent prices and best of all there's always something happening. So last night I was given a heads up about a short acoustic show at Soundfix to be performed by Britt Daniels of Spoon by my friend Thom (thanks again Thom! :)). I happily positioned myself into the cd/record store between the registers and a cd rack, with others who waited online or on ramp - but that's another story. I was able to take a few pictures and one very nice little video.
After the show, while hitting up San Loco's for some tacos, I tried to review the photos but my camera displayed an obnoxious 'card read error', wtf?? AHHH!!! Ensued a small freak out by yours truly for too long a time for such a mild thing. Britt Daniels was lost, although they weren't great pictures by any means of measurement I felt betrayed by my camera, luckily I had someone there to bring me back to reality and I relaxed; until later that night when I still couldn't find the pics after connecting it with the computer :p
We walked around for awhile stopping in some local shops where we came across an Eggling. It's a small egg like shell, you crack the top where you'll find soil and seeds enclosed. Just add water and it's supposed to grow. I'm hoping I don't kill it because it's really the cutest little plant holder; I'm growing basil (you can see the picture to the right). After about five months the plant will need to be placed in a proper pot but the best part of the Eggling is that the shell can then be broken up and put in the soil as fertilizer. If it goes well I plan to get a couple more.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Past Hope, Realized Today

Well it's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day, so I have the day off from work, which I like and thought I'd mention him. Even though I was not alive during the Civil Rights Era or of African-American descent I feel I must write that Dr. King, Jr. for me growing up was by far one of my favorite Civil Rights leaders and as I get older he remains my favorite. The simple reason is that Dr. King in the face of such aggresive situations and blind hatred his every speech/ protest I've read about seemed so focused on the future, the change, and the promise of a better tomorrow. A peaceful resistance to oppression, an oppresiveness I cannot construe having to live through and what I consider one of the ugliest pages in America's history. I wish he could have seen our President and the new hope our country will bring to the world.