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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spa's Are Supposed to be Relaxing

Last time I checked spa's are meant to be an oasis of relaxation where people go to get rid of stress, at least that's what I thouhgt. It all started when my Mom retired and I bought a gift certificate to a spa as her present. Great idea right? I thought so too, until I tried to book the appointment. I tried to book an appointment for myself and my Mom when the sales lady said I needed to pay upfront, when I repeated 'pay up front' in order to confirm I heard her right she caught an attitude and said, 'Yeah...' then called me honey, not in the sweet kind way but in the condescending one as if it's something everyone on Earth should know. I decided to talk to my Mom about services she wanted and she would then go in person to book the appointment. We opted for spa week when we saw an offer online, and thought what a nice turn that her gift card purchased from that spa would go further. Not so simple, they allowed her to book the appointment with her gift card and reminded of the 48 hour cancellation policy. Here's where it gets ridiculous; the day before the appointment they called my poor Mom and told her that she can't use her gift card toward a spa week treatment, on top of them never telling us this before they then won't allow us to make any changes to the appointment as it was past the 48 hour mark. I was livid when my Mother called to tell me this, I contacted the spa but it did no good. They should not call themselves 'Green Spa & Wellness Center' because they do not care about your well-being at all. Hopefully the Better Business Bureau will have more luck contacting this business than I did. Now I'm on a hunt for a new spa, one that's actually relaxing.

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