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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two Tier Topiary DIY

My first two tier rose topiarys. A friend wanted them for her twins first birthday, she decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme (very cute) so these decor had to be special. Luckily she let me know what she was looking for so here's what I did and what I'll do different next time. 

•Two 6" floracraft white styrofoam balls
•Two 4" floracraft white styrofoam balls
•Two terra cotta flower pots
•Two green flat styrofoam discs
•Moss by ashland deco moss
•Two semi straight thin sticks from a local park (I used Clorox towelettes to disinfect/ clean the sticks)
•Glue gun and glue sticks
•6 rose bunches (about ten flowers on each)

What I did:
•Pulled each flower head from the plastic stems and used the glue gun to stickand  secure into the ball. I tried to glue them in a continuous line around the middle of the ball. 
•After the 1st line of flowers I put them around the top half of the ball. Using the leaves on the bottom portion. 
•I filled in open spots with moss and buds or leaves.
•Put the green flat disc in the flower pot and put the stick through the middle. Make sure all is straight: disc, ball, stick before gluing. 
•Fit the other small stick into bottom of 4" styrofoam ball then in top of first ball, remember to glue!
•Add moss over the disc in the flower pot. 
•To make it more authentic I added pieces of thin sticks into different spots. 
•Since you're making two make sure they match! Doesn't hurt to get a second opinion.  
Here's the process in pictures:

What I'd do differently:
•Maybe try to find bulk rose heads on amazon, they seemed to be a better bargain. Or I may try the Dollar Tree store, again to get more flowers. 
•I'd definitely buy different moss. This moss was pretty but very difficult to glue. i burned my fingers too much trying to wedge it between flowers and glue. It's better for filling into the flower pot or a basin. Next time I'll go for a moss mat. They also sell moss balls but they are expensive and I'm uncertain how well the flowers would adhere to it. 
•Next time I will buy a pack of styrofoam balls instead of individual. I bought mine from Michaels and they didn't have the packs in the size I wanted. Better stores for me to buy them are Walmart, Joanns, or again Amazon. 
•Finally next time I'll have someone check to see if both heights match before the glue dries 😛
Thanks for reading and if you try these out let me know how it goes or if you have any tips!

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