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Monday, January 12, 2015

In the Nude - Unzipped!

Don't get too excited from the title, I'm talking about the Unzipped nude eye shadow palette from Lorac. Although I'm excited, I love this palette! My sister recommended Lorac to me the other day, and I happened to see this eye shadow palette in Kohls. My families 'go to' store, they draw us in with store credit and coupon offers, I think at this point my Kohls card balance says I owe them a kidney.
I still need to work on perfecting applying the eye shadow (not the best make up guru so any tips are appreciated) also I loved that it came with a primer. I was thinking to check out youtube or ipsy for application techniques. Happy to say that I am finally getting good use out of a brush set one of my friends gave me a couple of years ago. Have a great day!

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