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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Skin combo

As I've said in my some of my previous posts, I'm not a makeup guru. But I do like trying new products, even if only once or twice.

For years I've had issues figuring out what colors look good with my skin tone. I'm white but have a yellowish tint. I never really thought about undertone and how that affects how certain colors look on me, I just thought some clothes weren't 'me' and moved on.  I recently found a color palette for clothing that will help bring out the best in me.  Now if you're like me and didn't realize what undertone is and whether you are a cool, warm, or whatever you would not know which skin foundation to choose easily either.  So maybe you'll understand why when I say I've found a concealer and foundation team I love that (for me anyway) its a rare experience.

I decided to try on chance Maybelline instant age rewind foundation. I liked the ease of applying it and the color was good for my skin but I felt it still didn't wow me to look in the mirror. I wanted flawless, so I figured I'd also pick up their age rewind concealer. What a difference that little blemish stick made. Added bonus is that they have vitamin c in them and spf which i ❤.

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