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Monday, January 11, 2016

Arty Party

I've gone to a couple of painting and wine nights in the city, always had fun but never really felt comfortable around a room filled with strangers. The teachers' guidance was welcome but fast forward almost two years in the future. I'm now a mommy and not only on a tighter budget but more careful of how I spend my time.
 Fortunately I have a great group of friends  that are okay hanging with and without my toddler in tow. 

I miss having adult parties but had the idea that an 'arty party' was a good way to have best of both worlds, fam, friends, and fun all at once. Make certain people don't get it confused with a painting party where you're inviting people to paint your apartment, be specific on the evite. I had some acrylic paints from days when I had time to paint. I went to Michael's craft store and bought some board canvasses and brushes, plastic party cups and playes to mix the paints. And with any party have wine and food :)

 Final step was what to paint? Our budget didn't allow us to hire a teacher, there are alot of people that will come and teach a group of your friends how to paint a particular picture. If it's in your budget go for it! I browsed YouTube and found a nice tutorial. This is the artist I liked her tutorial and got alot out of it http://youtu.be/1Lx5eYslYxo
However, I should have gaged my party goers, this painting was too detailed to be a good choice for a party like this. If I have another one of these down the line a simpler painting like one flower would definitely be a good choice. 

In the end everyones paintings came out great and each with a different feel or style to them. It was definitely a good time and since the video was a little too quick we had to keep rewinding, it definitely made for alot of laughs.  Also my daughter was able to enjoy this activity with everyone so that made it all the more special. 

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