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Monday, January 11, 2016

...Fool Me Twice Shame on Me

Back in February I shared on my blog about this site I heard about called Twice. It was an online consignment shop where you could send in your old clothes or accessories you didn't want and they'd send you a check or give you an online credit. 

I checked out the site and reviews, seemed like a nice idea, waste not want not. 

I was pumped, I'd get an online credit for a few items I didn't fit into anymore and buy some things at a good price. At least that was the idea...

I dawdled a bit in sending the clothes in, but then as the weeks went into months of not hearing anything back from the company I checked out and what I didn't realize when I finally sent in the clothes was that they had announced they would be closing their business soon.  :o

I felt a bit cheated, it was clothes I wanted to get rid of anyway but if I knew they would just keep them I'd have donated them locally instead of sending them to some company that I'm not getting anything from in return. Hopefully they went to someone who needs them. 

So my fellow consignors beware...follow the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I don't think I'll be trying this type of thing online anymore, retail store consignment is the way for me :)

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