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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

To Vote or Not to Vote

I have a bone to pick with those running for the nomination of their parties for the upcoming presidential election. Enough with the rhetoric! Both Republican and Democratic party candidates facts are so skewed they only provided tidbits of truth to the American public. 

This two party system we've built is failing to deliver. Their goals and vision for the country are so far from each other there is no room for compromise. How did the direction of this country become so divergent? Is it the fault of lobbyists, big business on Wall Street or banks? No. Is it the fault of immigrants, environmental activists or liberal lobbyists? No. The fault lies in all of us for buying into this political malay. We are so drawn to the reality tv culture we don't want to look for a conscientious candidate. Is there even one to be found anymore. 

While it's simple for me to point out all the faults in our system, I don't have any solution. The fact is even the best candidate won't get votes if they tell the whole truth. Truth isn't pretty. Cutting taxes, not sending our soldiers to dangerous parts of the world, solution for everything and anything that bothers the average joe in the U.S. This is what people want because we hope things can be better. It's not that we are dumb or out of touch, it's that we are optimistic. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. 

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