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Monday, January 18, 2016

Online Personal Stylist

I've tried online makeup/hair product sites like ipsy, birchbox loved, loved them both. When it comes to clothes I just saw something intriguing 'Stitchfix', an online stylist site. I haven't tried it, extras aren't in my budget right now. 

Seems like you answer a few questions online pay $20 and the stylist sends you a few pieces within your budget. Color me interested, sounds cool. If you like the stuff buy what you like, return what you don't.  But I've been burned before by online retailers, (aka twice) some things seem too good to be true, is this one of them? I think I'll need to check out some reviews. I love the idea and definitely want to try it in the future. 

If like me you can't commit to a monthly fee then maybe try Rent the Runway, that service offers rental of designer duds. Perfect if you have small closet space and can't afford a designer dress you can get that designer dress for a few days. I  haven't had the chance to try it but a style savvy friend of mine has and swears by it. Plus she always looks amazing so I'm dying to try it out. 

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  1. Thanks for the #renttherunway suggestion. Still skeptical over the stitch fix website. I feel like it would be poorly made items that wouldn't fit no matter what size one gets