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Monday, January 18, 2016

Working for the Weekend

I love weekends. Spending whole days with my husband and daughter is great (most of the time) :) There are times we go see family or friends, and sometimes we just lounge around in our pjs all day. 

If I love weekends you can imagine I especially love long weekends. Ah the three day weekend, is really something to relish. It gives you the best of everything. You have time to hang out with friends, family, and finally a third day to lounge around the house. It's like looking into another world where there's only a four day work week and rainbows in the sky. 

Now on this three day weekend it's easy for me to be so giddy having the day off that I may lose the meaning behind the holiday.  So I wanted to acknowledge the day. We don't just get a day off because the government loves us. Today honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. an amazing soul that did more in his life for society than most of us can ever dream.  

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